Pictures by me, words by Susie Bower.

Pushkin Press UK 2021

Turkish edition 2021

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“Unmissable!” (Waterstones bookseller)

A hilarious and wonderfully illustrated story that will make you think twice before you say "Shoo!"

"Such a funny read!" (Independent book reviews)

Great story line & fabulous illustrations.
Absolutely recommended.

This is an incredibly funny picture book!

 (Reading The Year Away)

It is really begging you to be read out loud! My small human(just short of becoming 3) found this book hilarious, he loved the pictures..

Big Bearded Bookseller

..A lovely simple rhyming scheme keeps us moving through thestory at a good pace, and I’m looking forward to using it as a story time bookat the shop, doing all the noises and tone changes that it implies… Itreminds me a bit of the Oi! rhyming scheme and a bit of Alone! but is abeautiful story in its own right, showing we can all change and that changeisn’t bad.

Picture Book Snob

We have been utterly charmed by Shoo! by Susie Bower and Francesca Gambatesa. It's a masterclass in writing an irresistible picture book!...

StoryTime with Hannah and Patrick

A very fun video of SHOO!

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